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Feminine products for a healthier cookie.

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During a woman's lifetime...

She will experience menstruation and the harmful side effects associated with the use of conventional sanitary products. These imminent risks pose a threat to a woman’s health and well-being.

By providing products aimed at educating and reversing common feminine conditions caused by poorly constructed conventional sanitary napkins and women’s products, the Save our Cookies initiative believes a woman’s “health is her wealth” and at the heart of the woman’s health is ensuring her “cookie” or vagina remains healthy. 

Introducing PurEssence

Chemical and Toxin Free

PurEssence Sanitary pads offer the best combination of absorbency and comfort. With over four sizes to choose from, each ultra-thin pad comes equipped with a built-in all natural polymer that is safe and 10x more absorbent than the leading sanitary napkin on the market. This will leave you odor free and dry for up to 10 hours.

Your Health is Wealth

With the ability to hold over 50ml of liquids in each pad PurEssence feminine pads have revolutionized the way women use sanitary pads and reduced common symptoms associated with menstrual cycles including:

What separates PurEssence Sanitary Pads from other brands?

Pure Essence is a breakthrough sanitary napkin that addresses not just the hygienic demands of a woman during her ‘period’, but also her health and well-being through the pad’s Anion (negative ion) strip. With eight layers of natural protection and comfort, our sanitary pads give women the relaxed, clean and healthy feeling, all-day.

Why the strip?

Improves Overall Health

Negative ions (anions) can rejuvenate and revitalize all the body’s systems and cells, improving the body’s overall health and vitality. The embedded negative ion (anion) strip in each pad helps improve oxygenation by releasing negative ions. This is beneficial by reducing body stress and enhancing circulation.

The anion strip also:
- Eradicates odor as it stops bacterial & fungal growth
- Strengthens immunity
- Enhances metabolism
- Decreases and eliminates menstrual cramps
- Decreases mood swings
- Assists in returning the body to a normal hormonal balance

Product Reviews

“I love how soft and durable the pads are.” I am able to wear it for hours and not have any odor or wet feeling.  I will be switching to using all of these products moving forward.” #saveourcookies

Kimberly J. , Atlanta, GA

"I made the switch two months ago and my cramps as well as bloating have dramatically decreased. Now, I have decided to join the movement and spread the awareness one cookie at a time. Thanks Jae for introducing me to this product and your initiative."

Melissa D., Tampa, FL

“At first I was a little skeptical about the product, but once I spoke with Jae, learned her story, and received my free sample pack, I decided to give them a try.  I loved the results and Jae was honest and I have to say that within a couple of days I noticed a difference. I love the product and didn’t need to use 4-5 pads in one day. My PMS symptoms have also decreased and are minimal.”

Pamela S., Cleveland, OH

“After conducting my own research and learning about the dangerous products used to make the sanitary pads I purchase,  I had to make a switch. I have three teenage girls and we have all now use PureEssence pads. My girls love how thin they are and I love that fact the brand is extremely transparent about what materials are used. Jae did a great job of explaining everything in a relatable way.”

Simone P., Los Angeles, CA