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Premium Feminine Overnight Pad

Premium Feminine Overnight Pad

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The Elite Regular PurEssence Premium Feminine Sanitary Napkin addresses not just the hygienic demands of a woman during her ‘period’, but also her health and well-being through the pad’s Anion (negative ion) strip. With its ultra-thin 8 layers of natural protection, this pad is engineered with a super absorbent safe polymer which holds up to 300 times its own liquid weight providing the same comfort, freshness, wear -a- ability, and softness for up to 10 hours. By eliminating unwanted odors, our wider by design overnight pad gives each woman “peace of mind” when sleeping at night.

Recommended for Teens and Women who:

  • Have a moderate to heavy flow
  • Want an added no-leak security and protection at night
  • Need a longer pad option at night or during the day

Product Description:
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