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Premium Feminine Panty Liner

Premium Feminine Panty Liner

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The Elite Regular PurEssence Premium Feminine Panty Liners are thinner in size and also include our patented Anion (negative ion) strip which eliminates unwanted odors, inflammation, and strengthen the immune system over time. With the same absorbent safe polymer which holds up to 300 times its own liquid weight this panty liner provides the same comfort, freshness and breathable protection for everyday use. These can be also used to aid in any ailing knee and joint areas as a pain reliever.

Recommended for Teens and Women who:

  • Have a light flow or spotting
  • May not have a period and need an alternative for leakage control
  • Need extra support in shoes or heels as they may help to reduce foot or joint pain

Product Description:
30 Liners

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