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My Cookies

What inspired the Save Our Cookies initiative?

As a woman, I have suffered with severe menstrual cramps my entire life. From vomiting, to having cramps which resulted in missing class, work, and even memorable moments with family, every month I would dread my menstrual cycle. Incorporating different tactics and remedies from heating pads, hot teas, birth control, pain killers, and all-natural holistic medicines, I explored every option to find a cure for my chronic menstrual symptoms, however, each one presented a subsequent effect. After getting married four years ago, my desire to find a solution grew as my husband and I plan to expand our family. After speaking with my OBGYN, I learned my chronic pain was a result of endometriosis which developed from years of using unsafe sanitary products. These were common products which I believed were beneficial to my health. After further research, I began to educate myself on the materials, as well as process used to make many of the common household sanitary pads, tampons, and panty liners used by women daily including myself.  I found most sanitary napkins on the market are made from non-breathable materials such as plastic and chemical dyes such as Dioxin.  

My results not only shocked me, but prompted me to find an alternative solution. Since making the switch to PurEssence an all-natural solution, I have experienced shorter periods, the elimination of cramps, and reduced symptoms which do not involve me being confined to a bed every month. My testimony is just one from many women and young girls who have made the switch to a safer, affordable, natural, chemical free alternative. The “Save Our Cookies” initiative is not just about bringing awareness to PurEssence Sanitary Pads, it’s about saying Yes to educating ourselves, mom’s, wife’s sisters, daughters, and nieces on the importance of women’s health and the risk factors affecting our lives and bodies daily. Our health is our wealth, and as women knowing and understanding our “cookie” is the key to living an empowered and abundant life. I have experienced astounding results, and can’t wait to hear your story!


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